Philippine EXPO

フィリピン・エキスポ 2020

14th 12:10-12:55 Jonetsu Dream 〜Around Forty Idol〜

情熱ドリーム ~アラフォー・アイドル~
Jonetsu Dream ~Around Forty Idol~
14th 12:10-12:55


We Jonetsu Dream are so happy to perform at Philippine Expo. We’d like to give dream and power to not only Japanese but also Filipino stay in Japan.


This is the project that female group who is consisted around 40 & 50 years of age supports people’s bright future, create the dream and make them come true. Their concept is to cheer up entire Japan and make it brighter. Shown on TV program “The Non Fiction” that is broadcasted by Fuji Television NetWork.