Philippine EXPO

フィリピン・エキスポ 2020

16th 11:35-12:05 Inrayog-Philippines Folk Dance Troup


Inrayog-Philippines Folk Dance Troup
16th 11:35-12:05

多種多様に富むフィリピンの伝統舞踊の中からPhilippine EXPO用にアレンジした幾つかの舞踊をメドレーでご覧いただきます。

We are going to show you part of the variety of folk dances in the medley for this year’s EXPO.


INRAYOG PHILIPPINES FOLK DANCE TROUPE is a non profit group based in Tokyo Japan focusing on the traditional folk dances in the philippnes.
It was formed by Miss Susan Bernal , a former member of the philippine department of tourism with the support of her family and some friends who share the same goal of promoting and educating the people about the rich culture of the philippines.
Filipino folk dance has a wide variety and types of dances including indigenous folk dances, dances influenced by spain, christian festival dances, crop harvesting dances, muslim inspired dances in mindanao which is in the southern part of the philippines.