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フィリピン・エキスポ 2020

日比カラオケ館チャレンジ 2020 参加者募集

日比カラオケ館チャレンジ 2020 参加者募集

フィリピンエキスポ2020 恒例の催し、「日比カラオケ館チャレンジ2020」の応募が開始されました。

How to apply for Karaoke-kan Challenge.
At Joy sound of any branch of Karaoke-kan, record a video of you singing a chorus from one song using your cellphone.
Once you finish, kindly send to the email written below. Please write down your name, nationality, address, sex and prefecture on the email as well.
The deadline is on the 30st of September.