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Greetings / ごあいさつ


The Republic of the Philippines is one of the most important neighboring partners that have a long and deep relationship with our nation.
Today, the relationship between Japan and the Philippines is the best that we have ever had. Our civilian exchange has also witnessed a daily increase.
In this situation, we have aimed to further kind relations between both countries and mutual understanding with Filipino residents in Japan.
Back in 2019, this event had attracted more than 60,000 visitors with remarkable success. Then last year, despite the influence of the COVID 19 and its restrictions, we were able to hold the event safely.
This year, we would like to present more fun at the venue. And let you know once again the activities Japanese companies are doing in the Philippines to further boost our economic relationship that is based on the agreement between two countries.
We promise to work towards the realization of holding this event to promote goodness and friendship of Japan and Philippines.

Event Info

開催情報 | Day 1