The Philippines Expo is an international event that is held every year to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations with the neighbouring country in the south, the Philippines. We have a stage where famous artists from the Philippines will make their appearances, introduce Filipino food and culture rich in diversity and share an ambience overflowing with warmth, in which you can enjoy and make friends with the Filipinos residing in Japan.

Every year, we always hold it at Ueno Park on the same day as the Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines so that many people can experience the Philippines, a wonderful and friendly country.
We would like to deepen our mutual understanding with the Philippines, which have been deeply connected with us since mythology and pass on a beautiful future for the next generation.

Currently, about 300,000 Filipinos live with us and are active members in the society. In addition, the talents of the Hibi Half members have built brilliant achievements in various fields. We would like to disseminate many things through this event so that such bilateral exchanges will deepen further.